Роздуми на тему “Моя школа через 20 років” на англійській мові. Горішня Ксенія, учениця 9 классу

My school in 20 years

by Ksyusha Gorishnya

9th form


I’m Ksyusha and I have been studying in SLA for 9 years already, but today I would like to imagine my SLA in the future. So, I think that my school will be very beautiful and have the biggest and richest library in the city. Also, when the war stops, as I know, our director is going to built a glass passage between two buildings. In my opinion, the school classes will have new desks and chairs, students will sit separately. Corridors will have lots of new paintings of very famous people. On the back yard there will be benches, trees, flowers. Furthermore there will be a small aquarium with butterflies. Also new extra-curricular classes will be available in the free time for students in our school,such as: 



3.swimming pool

4.figure skating

5.Yoga etc. 

And also I think it will be very cool, if we have personal tablets and electronic pens. Students will be aware of all home tasks and have  electronic school diaries. I hope that in the future students will have a chance to choose what they want to study and what they really need.

To sum up, I am absolutely sure that only positive changes are waiting for our beloved school in the nearest future. I am really happy and proud to study here. Happy birthday SLA!